Backlink Audit

Backlink Audit Service

Have you seen a reduction in organic visibility and do you believe it’s down to the latest Google Penguin algorithm update? If so, then my backlink audit and removal service is perfect for you.

The service includes an in-depth analysis of your backlink profile from three different providers. I then check to see the percentage and status of these links as well as highlighting potential issues that may be contributing to any penalty your site is encountering. Once the links have been identified and categorised, they will be provided in a handy excel document ready for any reconsideration request or removal activity that you wish to partake in.

My backlink audit service starts from just £250. Please submit an enquiry to get a comprehensive quote for your website

Backlink Removal Service

To complement my link auditing service, I also provide a backlink removal service. This service includes contacting sites with any offending links and requesting removal where appropriate.
The cost for this service starts at £5 per link removed, for an average website that has been engaging in link purchasing or has outsourced their directory and social bookmarking work, the average price for this service comes in at around £500.

Please note that some sites are now charging for links to be removed. You will be notified of these sites prior to removal and the final decision will be down to you whether to proceed with the extraction of these links.

Google Reconsideration Request

If you’d like a report drafted suitable for a reconsideration request, this can be created for an additional £100. It will contain the total number of links highlighted to be problematic as well as the progress of link removal and any additional information you can provide.


I’m currently in the process of completing two link audits and reconsideration requests. The results will be posted shortly.