Open Client Services / Absolute LTD Chelmsford Essex / J30 LTD / JTM Solutions / Blue Mountain / Absolute Client Services (Colchester) – Review

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog post and curated to help inform those looking for a job with JTM Solutions, J30 LTD, Absolute LTD Chelmsford, Blue Mountain Innovations amongst others, to make a informed decision before applying or accepting a job with them. and hopefully resolve an outstanding issue we have with this company. While this post does touch on SEO its main focus point is not related to online marketing. There will be a follow-up post using this post as a case-study.

JTM Solutions (also known as Blue Mountain Solutions / AC Generations / Absolute Chelmsford / J30 LTD) are a commission only door-2-door sales company based in Colchester (Culver Street East) T: 01206766982 W: now based in Chelmsford (3rd Floor, 29 Springfield House, Springfield Road) – they frequently post high paying sales jobs on major job boards including Reed, Gumtree and try to cover their negative press by posting press releases regarding their recent expansions etc.

Examples of this negative press can be found at the following locations:

  • Whocallsme
  • Scam, Scam, bacon & eggs & scam – “Not just door to door sales either – its commission only (with you paying your transport costs), and you register as self-employed.”
  • ASA Judgement – Judgements upheld against JTM / Blue Mountain for misleading ads – “The ads must not appear again in their current form. We told JTM to ensure that their job ads distinguished clearly between offers of employment and opportunities for self-employment.”

The reason for exposing Absolute LTD / JTM Solutions / Blue Mountain is due to a personal grievance I have with this “company”. My other half worked with this business for the best part of 10 months and in this time she earnt a fair amount through commission only but ended up working 12-14 hours days and by the end of her term, there was an outstanding amount of £450.00 unpaid for sales and travel expenses (+ court fees), not to mention the severe strain this placed on our relationship. We tried to chase this money up through the courts but thanks to the multiple tiers of companies it was never clear which company owed the money.

The Interview Process

The interview process is a complete farce, a salary of £20k-100k is offered based on your performance and how many recruits you have working underneath you. This is based on a pyramid style scheme that they justify by saying all other work structures are effectively a pyramid. While this may be true in professional sales related industries, one isn’t promoted based on the number of sales made in a day and cannot be demoted for not meeting ridiculous sales targets in one week.

90% of applicants will be offered the position and the opportunity to come in for a field day or 2nd interview (the 10% were suspected of being too young to legally work, or had no comprehension of the English language). This 2nd interview involves doing a full days work for no pay, during which time you will be expected to cover your own travel expenses for which you will not be reimbursed. All job offers are given on a “self-employed” basis meaning you will not receive a basic, zero holiday and be expected to work Monday to Saturday and the occasional Sunday.

While working for JTM / equivalent you can expect to sell for companies like Red Cross, Talk Talk, Miller Patterson, 3 Mobile and others – if you’ve ever been stopped in Colchester highstreet odds are these people are working for JTM or Cobra.

You will also be expected to go on road trips hundreds of miles away, be expected to pay for your own travel and accommodation (The Etap is a favourite) and sell in cities including Scotland – Cowie (ironic), Leeds, Manchester, Norwich, with no premise that you may earn any money at all! In some instances you’ll find yourself coming back with less money than you left off. An example of this was a road trip to Scotland where one “employee” had to pay for accomodation, petrol and food totalling £150-200 but only managed to make 3 sales (£45) leaving them with a grand total of -£105-145.

Panorama covered a subsect of one of these branches in their show titled: “All Work and Low Pay” – Part 1Part 2. Part 2 (from 2 minutes onwards) is what you can expect to deal with when being interviewed for one of these firms.

A Day In The Life Of A Leader

The day starts at 10am for the most part, with some earlier mornings to greet the new additions to your “crew” over a coffee, known as the expectations meeting. From 10-11am, the plan for the day is discussed, including who will work with who in Atmosphere and talk about the weaknesses of the distributors. Once this has been done and no conference calls are planned, Youtube videos are played from “motivational” scenes in Boiler Room, to the latest raunchy music video. From 11 until about half 12, the leaders work with the distributors, getting them to pitch over and over again, high fiving, and explaining the rules that no leaning, arm folding or toilet usage is allowed. There is then a short meeting followed by a period where distributors are sent to wait outside the building while the subject of who will get interviews that day is discussed with the leaders. A “quick” lunch at Asda, and then it’s off to work. You’re expected to work from about 2 until half 8 knocking on doors, making sales, teaching “re-trains” the basics and, of course, ringing the bell. On arrival back to the office at about half 9, you will take your interview upstairs and prepare them for the questionnaire. After another hour of waiting around, you will have to wait again to give in your figures of how many people you spoke to, how many houses you got into and how many sales you made that day, to be told the reason for any of your failings is either your pitch, your pace or your attitude. Some nights you will be told of a conference call starting at half 10pm, and then encouraged to go for a drink at the local pub (Fashions) and see the morning in, only to be back at work in 6 hours.

Joshua Peace

I have personally had the privilege of meeting Joshua Peace on a number of occasions and in a social environment he is a charismatic individual and we both got along quite well. I would like this situation resolved in a friendly manor as I hold no personal grievance towards him and ultimately would like to settle this over a beer but unfortunately I have have had to resort to an online platform to vent my frustration as the county courts aren’t helpful.

Companies that are outsourcing to these businesses

  • Talk Talk
  • Three Mobile
  • Miller Patterson
  • Lovefilm
  • British Red Cross


The entire process while not illegal prays on people desperate for a job – if you’re an excellent sales person you will no doubt make some money with JTM but at the sacrifice of your own personal sanity and health. There are a number of legitimate businesses that offer promotions based on performance and give you a minimum wage as well as commission and holiday days. (Unicom, Centrica, RBS to name a few).

If you’ve had an encounter with JTM, Blue Mountain, Cobra or any of the following corporations please leave your comments regarding your experience below:


Update: 24th March 2012

Thanks to Leo Clark for informing us that the latest strain of the JTM Solutions scam has respawned under a new name “Absolute Client Services”.

Update: 25th July 2012

Now trading under the name “Absolute” Chelmsford Essex – thanks for the tip off!

Update: 27th August 2012

It would appear that my website has been removed from the SERPS for the terms JTM Solutions / Absolute Chelmsford or any other search term relating to this page. This is due to a legal request submitted to Google. As of yet I am unaware of the party responsible for this removal, but I can safely say that if it has got to this stage then this post is having the desired effect.

More information can be found at the following address, as of the 27th of August I have not been made aware of any legal recourse against my person and am anxiously awaiting further details behind this legal request.

Update: 15th November 2012 – J30 LTD

Yet another business has spawned at “3rd Floor, 29 Springfield House, Springfield Road” – In a similar vein to Absolute / Sphinx Solutions the site has the same colour scheme. Same motto, and seems to be offering “outsourced sales opportunities”. Be aware.

Update: 25th January 2018 – Open Client Services US

It seems that Mr Peace is now touting the Cobra / PerDM ways in the United States! Thanks to Emily for letting us know and good riddance!

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  1. Cheers for this seb, only read after seeing what abuse was new on who calls me

    Read simply because i recognized you name

    JTM can be good if; your single, have no friends, dont mind being told to feck off every other door, and can lie lie lie

    I know nobody like this, i worked for JTM for 4 months, whilst i made some good friends, friends for life, i lost personal time with friends (non jtm ones), good friends with an ex manager when you should be earning ££££££££, he was earning £200 a week!! WTF!!

    Just be warned working for a company similar to this

  2. I think I was that manager being paid £200 a week and told to pull this amazing image off. I’m just very sorry to the people I was a dick to or for being part of that scam. Scam or not, it is wrong. They need to pull their heads out of their back sides and be shut down. D2D needs to be made illegal!

    Jtm solutions is now known as absolute client services which is part of not blue mountain innovations but Pegasus client services owned by a Rosanna in chelmsford

  3. Oh and for the other readers I found this:

    Jtm solutions / blue mountain innovations / Pegasus client services / absolute client services, Chemlsford manager CEO Joshua peace –

    Using a law of average they will find the next guy/girl to head up another office under the PerDM umbrella.

    Facts of company.
    – people who start will work 11am till 9pm
    – sign an ISA agreement stating that your hold a self employed position.
    – 3 days of training on how to pitch someone ( unpaid )
    – door to door sales here on till completion of training programme. 100% commission pay only
    – sales generated are paid 2 weeks after only of customers don’t cancel which is out of your control
    – hours shift to 9.30am till 10.30pm to teach and train
    – 6 days a week totalling over 100+ hours for between £150 – 400 in commission sales
    – business trips away that you pay for that last a week. Ie D2D in a different area

    Do all this and you still have a soul by the end then you are ready to 5 step the rest and state, well if I could do it so can you!  “Joshua peace”

    But personally, these MLM F2F companies have been investigated by ASA and watchdog but they can’t be shut down as they float just above the legal line but fail massively on the moral ethics.

    Absolute client services / pegasus client services / Jtm solutions / blue mountain innovations
    Ceo Joshua peace / Rosanna
    Caller: Absolute client services / Pegasus client services

  4. JTM Solutions is now called absolute client services, which is an umbrella of pegasus client services set up by rosanna as Josh wishes to remain anon. I have grievance with Joshua Peace and wish everyone to know about these slave masters!


  5. Had that interview today! Been asked to go back on monday for an observation day. Although its upsetting because I was really excited about the prospect of a good job, thanks for the heads up and I won’t be going!

  6. I went for an interview in Colchester under JTM Solutions’ Ltd. I paid transport costs. I turned up. It was a small room in a large building with tv’s switched off and a reception desk. Just like a standard agency.

    The Receptionist working there was very pleasant and staff also seemed pleasant but the whole process was odd. I had an interview with someone, I talked about my experience, don’t think he understood it, then talked about being ‘excellent’ in this field!

    I was like eh? How do you mean going from beginner to expert in three months? They pitched none of the basic issues of employment. Then told me I would know on x day at 17:30 if I had the second interview. It didn’t happen.

    Several of these companies exist through other mediums. I’m convinced there’s one in Chelmsford under Sphynx Solutions. A basic template website. Unable to provide details of the job or a correct telephone number. Phoned twice but didn’t deliver enough on my questions so I didn’t go.

    Another warning to you all. Yes, look at the job specs online. Then ask for them from management. They won’t give you them. I couldn’t commit to it without the correct information. Also you can do a credit check online to see the real value and that is a good point of reference.

    I was pleased I went to my interview for the experience but these companies MUST be shut down. I complained to the fraud team and heard nothing back. They didn’t understand. I was also told at the Job Centre that lots of people had been conned. Yet no one does anything. It’s sad. I hope your court case is resolved. I hope they learn this is not how you operate a business and own up for their mistakes and pay people back.

    1. Hi Thomas,

      Sorry to hear about your experience with JTM, thankfully our issue is now resolved but it is indeed worrying that these “businesses” are exploiting loopholes or get round the rules so workers do not even get paid that minimum wage.

  7. Now trading under the name of “Absolute” Chelmsford Essex. I had an interview with them today (Luckily I’d done my homework on this shambles of a “company” beforehand – Google is your friend)

    No sign on the door to suggest who the company was. Interview at 1:30 but wasn’t seen until 2pm, had someone go in before me. RnB music blaring out – very professional(!) Jack-the-lad bloke came out of his room and started throwing pens at the receptionist which went flying right across my head. If that had hit me I swear I’d have gone ape on him.

    Basically told during the Interview (I use the term “Interview” loosely as it was pretty much him telling me what they do, hardly giving me an opportunity to ask a question. Sales pitch anyone?) that there was opportunity to be at managerial level in 6-10 months.

    I had to really pluck information regards salary from him to which point I was then FINALLY told that it was commission based after questioning him regards my rights to minimum wage. Funny that on the advertisement that I had seen there was nothing that defined this as being a commission-only position.

    I feel sorry for all those people in the oh so professional rent-a-space office today, all dressed up smartly and with high hopes of a possible future in door to door sales. (Even though the advert I applied to was “Customer Service Assistant/Retail Sales)

    Leaving the office I asked for my CV back which jack-the-lad scribbled over deeming it unusable. I questioned the reception lady as to what the company name was again. I then asked her out of curiosity regards who Sphinx Solutions were and she said that that was another office on the same floor. (More lies I bet) I then asked her if this specific company used to go under the name of “Absolute Client Solutions” and she denied this. Yet today I found their same logo with the black wings which actually states “Client Services” underneath, calling themselves Absolute Client Solutions.

    Stay clear of this place. They obviously don’t know what name they’re trading under. There are far better jobs out there and we are good people with good skills and deserve better! 🙂

  8. I started a job at United Leeds Endeavours (or was it Apex Acquisitions?) almost immediately after finishing my second year at uni. As I was desparate for work and with no other work lined up, I fell for their sales pitch hook, line and sinker; at least at first. Alarm bells started ringing for me during the second interview, when all four of the applicants I saw the previous day, who I thought I’d beaten to this ‘fantastic opportunity’, and again when the team leader started talking about the ‘law of averages’ (She didn’t like it when I pointed out the law of averages is part of the gamblers fallacy – if you flip a coin 100 times, the law of averages states it will come up 50 times heads, 50 times tails. In reality, this is universally untrue.)
    After a swift 10 minute walk to a car parked in the suburbs of Leeds city centre, I was to be driven to one of their ‘events’ and shown the ‘worst’ kind of work they do – that of chugger in supermarkets. I was asked to sit in a corner and make observations whilst being given endless written tasks which felt like psychoanalytical tests (they are!). One of the distributors I was speaking to kept saying ‘it is worth it, stick it out’ to me, as well as the team leader, I add.
    I must make mention here that I am a mature student, well into my thirties, and although most of the staff in the office looked young, over confident (which comes across as arrogance), over enthused deluded chavs in suits, I was surprised to learn the actual age of some of these staff. For example, Stephanie Prescott, one of the team leaders, looked to be about 30 to me – when I learned she wasn’t even 21, I realised that it was the long hours, massive rejection ratio, and general drugery that was making her (and others) appear older. Another alarm bell was that EVERYONE smoked – a sure sign of a high stress job.
    I was given the job, after being ‘fear of lossed’, and asked to start the next day. I was over the moon. The next day they told us it was commision only, as ‘it makes people work harder’, and that after a 5 step training programme I would be earning more in one year than I had in the last ten. In their meetings one of the managers (Andy Jones, false smile, skinny skank in Primark suit) beleived doing ten years work in one year was hard, but not impossible. Well, last time I checked, Andy, fitting 400 hours into one week is going to be a little bit of a squeeze. It wasn’t until the third day that we were told about the company, PerDM, and the ‘four plus one’ scheme or strategy of growth – the prime example being that of a young lady called Rebecca, who now lived in opulence in some swanky office in Brazil, that used to be a sandwich maker in Greggs before starting this job. Yeah, right.
    I ‘attended’ a total of four days to this sham of a company. My only regret is that upon finding out about it, I didn’t return the next day to warn some of the others who started the same time as me. Nat from Featherstone, hope you found out sooner rather than later love – you deserve better than that.
    Another point of hilarity is the manager Gavin Walsh – he claimed to be a professional footballer, yet a quick google revealed no results. Gavin is the lowest common denominator in humanity: Motivated by greed and proud of it, he claims to have earned 40k this year (what? since April!) and has loads of time to himself (he didn’t). Boy what a shock that guy is in for! Apparently, this firm give managers their own office to run upon the loan of £10,000, thus trapping them in a cycle of debt which can be hard to break. The scam is from the top down – even vice-presidents, those mythical King Midases they keep going on about in ‘atmosphere’ have money troubles. Not something you’d expect from someone on half a million a year, is it?
    I wish I’d listened to me gut instinct, but I was skint and with a student status for the summer, could NOT claim dole or housing benefit. I tried to make this work, but realised that it takes a certain kind of soulessness to do a job like this. I’m sure some of the girls there would easily fall into escorting or prostitution by the same ‘massive earning potential’ – in fact, I was going to mention this to the little Scot team leader – if you want to make a mint, become an escort! At the end of my first week, I was given the day off and went into Leeds to an old agency I used to work for. Luckily, they almost immediately found a job for me. Manual factory production work. I earned £327 last week, for 38 hours. How many at PerDM earned that much, I wonder?
    Something that I don’t think has been mentioned in this thread is the late night phone calls, in which your team leader will discuss goals and targets for you the next day, in preparation for the morning. I was getting phone calls at 11:30 at night, even though I had to be up at 6:30. Cult tactics. Atmosphere, with its loud music and high fiving – cult tactics.
    The three people I mentioned in this post would probably be doing humanity a favour by removing themselves from it. However, based on my life experience, I predict that Prescott will be a £20 a trick whore, Walsh will probably kill himself anyway, and Jones will have that cocaine addiction he so desparately tries to hide catch up on him. In other words, they’ll all be dead within ten years unless they change or discover the truth of the business they are operating.

  9. I have an 18 year old granddaughter who is presently “working” for Absolute Marketing Solutions in Chelmsford. She found the job on Reeds Employment. She is being brainwashed by these people and we are unable to talk any sense into her. As yet she has earned nothing and it has been 6 weeks of hard labour and never at home. She seems to travel all over the place but never gets paid. Her mother has met Josh Peace and he said that my granddaughter is one of the best sales people on the team. So why isn’t she earning anything? Although she makes about 4 sales a day most of these cancel so she doesn’t get anything. When we ask her she says she must work harder to succeed. She has no money and owes her mum who is single, hundreds of pounds. We have even sent her all the information that we have found about this scam but she doesn’t believe it. We just don’t know what to do.

    1. Hi Jenny,

      I’m really sorry to hear about your granddaughter. Is she still with Absolute Marketing? I’m quite happy to put her in touch with my other half to discuss everything or failing that I’m sure there’s a number of people who’ve commented on this post that would love to talk to her.

    2. Jenny, Just read your comments and word-for-word, it could be me talking about my 18 year old daughter. With all these employment rights etc….how can these sort of companies (apparently) be allowed to carry on?

  10. Abosolute Client Solutions are also trading under the name “Sphinx Solutions” in Chelmsford. Stay well clear. Full off toffs who have been brainwashed into believing they will be earning £100k and at manager level owning there own office in 6-12 months.
    dont go there
    self employed, commison only bullsh**t

  11. Just sent an e-mail to Sphinx Solutions in Chelmsford rejecting my second interview thanks to this blog. Everything I have read fits exactly with what went on in the first interview- fast talking, scribbling over the CV, no room for any kind of interaction- based in an undecorated office with literally just a desk and two chairs! Thought the office looked a little unprofessional, no sign on the front door, nobody answering the buzzer, and the only telephone numbers I was given being mobile!!! I would steer clear of this, even if the incentives seem good, there is no protection in a minimum salary.

  12. I started a job at apex acquisitions back in June but only lasted around 6 weeks. I too during the interview process, going out in the ‘field’ and also to my 1 road trip paid all of my expenses. When I look back I’m almost embarrassed to think I nearly fell for this scam but when your skint with nothing else to do what choice do you have. I’m just thankful I had a trade to fall back on because some of the people who work there – most of them are 18 – 22 are completely deluded and basically brainwashed into thinking in the not too distant future they’ll be pocketing thousands of pounds a week.

    I could go on about what you get upto at Apex but Coleridge a few posts up has explained it pretty spot on and I reckon I was there around the same time. I would like to point out that there are some decent (although oblivious) guys who work there, Ryan is a good lad, hopefully he’s still not there, but he was totally reliant on some arrogant, pig headed, horrible ginger maggot called Simon. This guy is so up his own arse it’s unbelievable, the way he spoke to customers in shopping centres and the way he behaves in public I actually had people come upto me while I was working at one of these ‘events’ a couple of weeks later complaining how rude he was.

    I wish I’d read this post before I went to my interview but if you are reading this before your interview I’d go just to see how ludicrous ‘atmosphere’ is (hey guys!) listen to Gavin’s spiel and watch the Irish kid do a motivational ‘impact’ lesson and if your still considering joining the team at Apex Acquisitions then you deserve to be sat on a cramped train in a suit for hours, standing around for hours on end outside shops like a well dressed chav, earn just enough money to cover your train fare and food and have the good people of huddersfield or accrington or any other recession hit working class northern town tell you to f*** off, which is exactly what I’d say to anyone who asked me to go back to this or any of these scandalous organisations.

    1. Hi “Randy”

      It is indeed a shame that so many people fall for this scheme. Although I don’t think anyone “deserves” to fall for this scam, they prey on people who are desperate for a job and ultimately it means people don’t always use their better judgement.

      Glad to hear you’re out and you’ve got a trade to fall back on though!

  13. Was meant to be going there tomorrow for the observation day but have decided against it…. thought it seemed bit dodgy when i went up there

  14. I have just received confirmation from Absolute about an interview tomorrow after reading this I shall not attend. This saved me a ten pound train fare thanks. It is difficult to find work as it is let alone having ‘companies’ falsely asking for marketing trainees on recruitment websites. I just looked again and they are wanting a lot of people for various roles and alas they are not the only ones falsely advertising. Thank you again.

  15. My boyfriend started with Sphinx Solutions in Chemlsford last week. He had an interview on Wednesday, an observation day on Thursday then started on Friday. On the Thursday night I came across your blog and few other forums about working for these door to door sales companies, I was really worried for him as he was enthusiastic about the job (he is a graduate struggling to get a job!). I told him what I had read and said be careful as I think it’s a bit of a scam. He said he would give it a go at least. He didn’t finish work till about half 9/10 on Friday (he turned down to work the Saturday, luckily!) and he had been these since half 9 in the morning. He told me all about it, to be fair he sound hilarious as they have an ‘atmosphere’ room where they can’t lean or put thier hands in thier pockets (what is it school?!) they all high five each other and when a manager comes into the room and shouts HEY WHAT! Everyone else shouts WHAT! back, what on earth is that all about! Also some guy Joshua came in and told a very boring story that turned out to be about Sylvester Stallone or something, completely pointless. To be is sounded seriously f***ed up, who wants to do that everyday for 12 hours, think I would go insane! My boyfriend realised friday night it really wasn’t for him, and that he could be doing this door to door stuff for up to 10 months, with no stabe income, as they most probably where feeding him some crap about progressing to manager quickly, which is really sad as he’s an intelligent graduate with a business degree. He won’t get paid for that day of work he did, as the trainer gets all the commision at the beginning! Luckily his trainer gave him petrol money, although he isn’t supposed to use his car for business use, unless he has told his insurance, as he won’t be covered, Sphinx Solutions wouldn’t of told him that, they didn’t even tell his to bring a coat on the observation day, as he didn’t realise he would be outside all day with just a suit jacket on! So glad I found your blog and so happy he has quit that job!!

    1. Glad to hear it Louise! If he wants to do door 2 door sales, then Centrica and Sky offer a basic + holidays and the hours are much more family friendly. When I worked for Centrica I’d do a 5 day week, working about 5-8 hours a day… although it’d be substantially less if I hit my quota for the day!

      If you’d like me to forward on the details do let me know.

  16. Regarding (Absolute ltd/Sphinx Solutions) in chelmsford, essex. sooo glad i have read this blog. my girlfriend’s mum forwarded this page to me. everything makes sense now. The short 10 minute interview, being accepted for an interview after 5mins from applying for the role online (reed), shitty reception, loud music, pen throwing, dribbling on my cv and application etc etc. being offered a manager role, i dont have management experience and this (interviewer) said id be perfect for the role. Pay, i couldnt get any information out of him, nor the receptionist who was also dressed like a slapper! alongside me whilst waiting for my interview was another chap, we got talking and even he couldnt find out any information about the role or company. i knew something wasnt right here but throught id still give the interview a go. waste of my time, diesel and afternoon! after the interview i recieved a email (i asked to only be contacted via telephone on a landline) saying ive past for the second stage literally within 2hours from leaving the office block.

    i shall be phoning them up tomorrow asking about the job and trying to get answers, along with reed. im pretty annoyed at the moment as im applying for job after job trying to better myself and get misleaded into a fact opportunity. Good job i am working currently (tesco)

    Also, my old school friend ‘laura smith’ currently works there at absolute, laura was the second person to contact me for an interivew but i could never get through to her phone, nor rose, nor rosanna. only the receptionist girls!

    *interviewer was a large chap, boosting about utter crap and making no sense.


    seems most jobs that promise 20k-100k are utter rubbish.

    thanks again for the posts, its saved me alot of my time and effort.

  17. WOW i am so grateful for this website. When i was in the office waiting to be interviewed there were quite a few people suited and booted so i was convinced this was actually a decent place. The interview went ok, but the guy i was speaking too didn’t seem too bothered, serious boredom on his face, almost like all the sanity he had left was taken away by the job. When i got a chance to speak the interviewer almost seemed amazed/ inspired by some of my ambitions/responses to some questions he was asking, which made me wonder why he seemed so impressed if he was a manager of a supposed entrepreneurial business. He said he would call me around 5.30pm if i was successful and he didn’t till 6:30 at which point i thought i didn’t get the job. My 2nd interview ,’ field day’ was meant to be today at 12:30 but i thought id do some homework on the company and i stumbled on this site which has seriously opened my eyes. thank you guys a great deal for the info!

  18. Just got out of absolute ltd and when I got puy it was JTM who puy me and now I can see my gf a lot more 🙂
    Caller: Absolute

  19. Anonymous Contribution (20/11/2012) – “Saw it advertised on reed as Absolute so applied, got an email back pretty much straight away asking me to come to an interview today as they were very interested. After doing some research and found this website decided not to go. Totally mis-sold their recruitment piece on reed. Waste of time.”

  20. Anonymous Contribution (22/11/2012) – “Had an interview with them yesterday, got invited back won’t be going though thanks to this blog. Greatly Appreciated A child with a lemonade stand has more Business acumen than Josh Peace.” – Absolute Chelmsford

  21. Thank you for the heads up! I experienced the same quick response to my application / found it impossible to get in touch over the phone due to ‘technical difficulties’. I have since decided to decline my initial interview. Thanks for saving my wednesday afternoon!

  22. My partner has been working for leeds endeavours for 3months now and he is already heavily in debt and he is oblivious to the fact that he is wasting his time and money and nothing I say seems to get through to him. Things took a turn for the worse this week when he MOVED to machester with only two days notice on the promise that nobody had yet worked there and he would be a manager even quicker, his experience with the interview process has been identical to others I have read on here! Please help I don’t know what to do

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Sorry to hear about your situation. If you haven’t already shown him this post i’d recommend doing that. Alternatively there are a number of posts out there that describe the leeds endeavour scam in more detail. They’re all branches of the same garbage unfortunately. Good luck!

  23. Another one opened about a month ago called Marketstorm Global, operating out of the Pearl buildings (again! What is it about that building?).

    Marketstorm Global LTD – Avoid


    Marketstorm Global LTD – Avoid it is a scam
    (sorry to repeat – they flood the internet with ridiculous ‘press releases’, pushing down blogs and fora like this to hide their dirty deeds, don’t they Josh?)

  24. Thank you for the heads up. I read this after the first interview stage and have subsequently cancelled my second ‘open day’. Everything said above is true to my experience. The office itself is an unproffesional s**t hole. In addition the three ‘staff’ members I saw there are also highly unprofessional, with radio blaring out in the waiting area.

    Once again thank you for the heads up!

  25. Hi, I got an interview with Absolute in Chelmsford, which I’m sure was with the “jack-the-lad” described by Pepperkin. The interview was a few minutes late so I had time to admire the excessively large fish tank in the waiting area, which did actually have an assortment of tropical fish inside.

    On my day, he wore a waistcoat and between interviews kicked a ball against a wall. He taped my interview with a voice recorder. You can imagine the scene, jack-the-lad leaning back in his chair, the recorder placed on the desk between us, probing me with his well-thought-out questions.

    At some point during the interview he told me this was just a screening interview before a 2nd interview / field day, and if I got a phone call later that evening “it was only good news”. However, I got no call. No 2nd interview for me.

    Then I applied to another job with Sphinx Solutions. I went to an interview with them. It was in the same building in Chelmsford as the interview with Absolute but until the day I didn’t realise it was in the very same shabby three-room office on the 3rd floor of Springfield House. (A few years ago I signed on to a legitimate job agency there, or near there, so I didn’t cross check numbers and just assumed it had to the floor below).

    So I walked in, said “hello, again” to the secretary whose name had apparently changed from Naomi to Rose in the few weeks that had passed between the interviews. As I waited for my interview, a bit longer this time, jack-the-lad came out of his office, turned the volume on the music up, threw his ball against the wall, caught it, then returned to his office.

    The new guy who interviewed me was less a jack-the-lad, but had his own character. The room I was interviewed in had no wallpaper and was completely drab in every way except for a strategically placed Tottenham football shirt hanging on the wall behind him. When I found out that the job was the same as the one I had been interviewed for before I asked why I was being interviewed again, he said he was working for a different company and would make his own decision. He said they shared offices to reduce costs.

    Despite the fact I’m the most gullible person I know once again I was not asked back for a second interview.

    Then I applied to another job with J30 ltd. Ho ho ho. It was the same place. Yes I was offered another first interview, and once again, I immediately accepted, because I am gullible, but I did ask Laura (the secretary) a few questions. Anyhow the questions weren’t really answered to my satisfaction and they haven’t yet confirmed a time for my interview. Now I’ve done some research and found this blog entry, and searched companies house and found J30 ltd was apparently dissovled in 2009, I guess it’s off.

    I do have a written pitch sent to me by email to show you. This is the exact same pitch as I was told for Absolute and Sphinx Solutions.

    However, just to put the record straight, here is the explanation why I mistakenly thought their secretary had three different names:

    //Laura is the Business Administrator like it says in the emails, we share office space with 2 other company’s in order to cut down on costs, the 2 company’s secretaries are called Naomi and Rose.

    I apologise when you last came to the building that there was only one girl sitting in reception..//

    The pitch (from Laura the “Business Admin”)

    //Although we share the office space with Absolute Ltd and Sphinx Solutions, and work in a similar way, we work with a different client, LoveFilm. [Is this claim true?]

    Obviously, my manager would like to meet with you and here is a job summary for you to look through to see if it is something you would be interested in;

    As a company we are looking for a candidate to complete our programme, as an outsourced sales and marketing company (this means that we have no product, we work on behalf of clients). At J30 Ltd we have just signed a big client in the film, game and entertainment industry. [Is this true?]

    At the moment, as a brand new company, we are currently too small to meet our client’s demands. As a result we are looking to create “experts” who can liaise with clients, run campaigns and large team. In order to achieve this we need to start with the basics at our entry level of the programme and cross train the candidate through all the key areas to became an expert. I hope this makes sense so far.

    To give an idea of the areas we train in, we only ever work face to face and in the entry level you will learn the basics of representing a client in three different ways:
    -Business to business
    -Events and promotions
    -Business to consumer

    However, the way in which we represent our client is completely tailored to their needs and satisfaction, but I’m sure you understand that.

    This can be really glamorous or very simple, the most important part of the entry level is that someone learns it, regardless of the method taught. Moving through the programme you will progress into more of a leadership role where your main focus will become more teaching and training, the goal is to get the candidate great at transferring back what they have learn, as that’s going to be extremely important later on.

    After this stage is complete we’re looking to develop the candidate in areas such as:
    -Finance, and all other back end procedures of working with a big client

    Once all the main stages are complete the candidate can then help in expansions and take on more responsibility as they will have experience in all relevant areas. Overall what we’re looking for as a company, is not necessarily someone with previous experience in all the areas, as we provide all the training, but for someone who us eager to learn and develop themselves.//

    Louise said –

    //He told me all about it, to be fair he sound hilarious as they have an ‘atmosphere’ room where they can’t lean or put thier hands in thier pockets (what is it school?!) they all high five each other and when a manager comes into the room and shouts HEY WHAT! Everyone else shouts WHAT! back, what on earth is that all about!//

    This is a form of hypnosis.

  26. Hi Anon,

    Will answer as best as I can.

    //Although we share the office space with Absolute Ltd and Sphinx Solutions, and work in a similar way, we work with a different client, LoveFilm. [Is this claim true?]

    — As far as I’m aware, this is correct. Each business works with a seperate client.

    //At J30 Ltd we have just signed a big client in the film, game and entertainment industry. [Is this true?]

    — This is probably in reference to LoveFilm.

    //Now I’ve done some research and found this blog entry, and searched companies house and found J30 ltd was apparently dissovled in 2009, I guess it’s off.

    — The businesses running from 3rd Floor, 29 Springfield House, Springfield Road in Chelmsford are marketing themselves as a “limited”. Yet there is no trace of any registered company under Absolute LTD / J30 LTD. I believe this goes against Section 1197 of Companies Act 2006 – and is punishable by a fine of up to £1,000.

  27. So glad I read this!!! I just wasted £20 on petrol getting there and was really excited about the job. Sounded ace from the sales pitch they gave me. Looks like iv gotta keep looking :/

  28. Hiya guys….
    I recently applied for Sphinx Solutions in Chelmsford. I went to the first interview and as I have read in the comments above, I had the same experience the interview room was one desk with two chairs. This seemed strange and no real details were told to me about the job and at NO stage was I told that it was going to be a door to door sales job. I got told I would receive a email between 5-6 that evening telling me whether I would receive another interview the second day! I received the email congratulating me on getting the second interview, so yesterday I went to this thinking that I would be in an office observing a day in the office like I was told so. But no I soon realised his was not what I had applied for, the guy who I was observing said we had to go to Brentwood, luckily I said I would drive as I didn’t want to pay train fares and £15 parking. We arrived in Brentwood only to find we would be cold calling, I was then shocked as this was not in the description anywhere. We started on one street at 1:30pm and got told we would still be circling the street till 8:30pm. About 80 doors were knocked on by 2:45pm an about 4 answered and only 1 person had signed their details. Needless to say 3pm I got myself out of there, thank goodness I drove!!
    I wish I had come across this website before I went to save my time and money.
    Stay clear!!!! X

  29. Hey Seb,

    First of all thank you so much for writing this blog and alerting people like me who have been approached by them. I saw their advertisement on Reed and thought it to be genuine. I was emailed to confirm the date and time of the face-to-face interaction.

    I thought of doing some research about the company and that’s how I found your blog.
    Thanks buddy, you just saved me from lot of inconvenience.


  30. I am so glad others have posted about these companies, I got offered a job from absoloute though jobsite and got quite excited as ive been off work almost 3 years, after the first (oddly friendly) email i went out and bought a suit to make a good impression. i started to think something was wrong when they didnt answer calls/emails. i eventualy got an email that just didnt read right so i googled and found this message board. then sphinx sent an email and offered a similar job. when i asked for details the job, i was told i had to wait until the interview!! me strange.needless to say after reading all the messages, i will not be attending this or any other interview these companies send..

    shame because all i want is a job to support my family, i hate being on benefits and want to earn my own money again. these people must be stopped from taking advantage of loopholes and desperate people who actually need/want a job.

  31. Sphinx solutions is another to add to that list. Based in Chelmsford and are very convincing, I was lucky enough that my dad looked them up as I told him about my interview. The so called office was shabby with loud music playing and they weren’t interested in my qualifications one bit, the woman just kept on about how amazing her job was. I discovered it was a scam when I saw others talking about there interviews with other similar companies and it was word for word what this woman had told me on my interview. They are secretive about what the job involves and try and suck you in by listing all the big companies they work for. It all seemed too good to be true so chances are if you’ve had a similar interview they’ll milk you for as much hard work that is humanly possible. Please don’t be fooled as these so called employers will only use you to carry out their dirty work.

  32. Thank you so much for unveiling these companies. I went for my first interview at J30 Ltd. Chelmsford today and became very suspicious during the interview. I was offered a second interview day, when I found your blog and have decided not to go. Its outrageous how they do not make it clear what the job entails and prey on young people who need to make some money.

  33. Hi all

    I have just left absolute after being sucked in for a total of 13 days (including observation and 3 days unpaid training).

    Firstly I found it strange that I had 2 interviews with separate companies on the same day that just happened to be based at the same office in Chelmsford. I asked the receptionist about it who said she would explain to me in a second as she had to make a phone call, then I was called up for interview before she could explain. In the interview it was not mentioned it was d2d or self employed and the guy basic all gave me a sales pitch rather – rather than me selling myself as expected in an interview it was the other way round. At 4.30 the same day I was told I’d been selected for an observation day in two days time. I spoke to my mum who said her friend had a similar interview and the observation day was spent doing d2d sales of which she left via taxi as she decided it wasn’t for her, however desperate to be doing anything rather than sitting in watching day time TV constantly I thought I’d still give it a go.

    As suspected the observation day I was taken out to watch a leader do d2d sales, afterwards at the third round interview I expressed my concerns of being commission only as I live alone and need regular income to pay bills/rent etc. They basically told me to continue to claim benefits whilst working as its self employed apparently I don’t have to declare it until I’ve earnt x amount. So I decided to except the job but go to citizens advice as soon as possible to find out the actual rules and where I would stand.

    After completing 3 very very long days unpaid training I was still very unsure but after getting a lot of negative feedback from friends and family I kind of wanted to give it a go to prove them wrong.
    First 3,days solo working 11-12 hour day I made one sale each day earning me £24-35 a day! I will admit at this point though I was sucked in by the buzz from atmosphere etc!

    I was then asked if I wanted to go on a raid trip, I was unsure as thought it was a bit soon and had lack of money. They said the accommodation would be paid in advance then come out my wages in 2 weeks time but not to worry coz I’d make profit on the first day. They said i really should go because road trips are a guarenteed promotion to leader as ishould easily make 10+ sales. I was also told my food would be paid for my the manager, although he did pay for some I still had to pay for quite a lot myself and one of the leaders conviently didn’t buy and tobacco all week but asked for them off me every time I had them.

    This road trip was my idea of a nightmare, sharing a room with 3 other including a 30+ married man with two kids(an assistant manager) who spent the week sharing a bed with and spooning a 17 yr old girl!! with which they seemed to have a very intimate relationship. The days turned into 15 hour days and still only making 1 sale a day (accept 1 day I made 2) … one day I was also left sitting on a curb for over 2 hours as they decided to work past the legal time to knock on doors and didn’t pick me up until gone 10pm. My feet hated me but if I even mentioned this I was constantly called a “neggy” and told I can’t control that so should just concentration what I could control (pitch,pace, attitude) how I’m supposed to control my pace when my ankles as physically swollen up I have no idea!! After picked up each night that wasn’t it for the day I then had to go over everything again and again. On the last night at 11.30pm one of the leaders asked me to go over the close 2m I politely explained I was exhausted and there was no point as i would take anything in as I was too tire to this I received a very bitchy response!! On this trip I made a total of 6 sales out of 5 days work, on the 6th day I refused to work as I had been told we were going home that morning but they then changed it that we would not go home till 8pm so I sat down the park and made up pretend figures, I didn’t care that I wouldn’t make any money I had enough!

    When I finally got home yesturday I then received a phone call asking if i waned to go on another road trip going out today, I told them I was exhausted and wanted time to myself as hadn’t had any all week and also wanted more experience before going againm they got a bit moody about it but I didn’t care.

    Anyway after a week or so discussing it and reading up on multi level marketing schemes I decided I was too smart to allow myself to continue to be sucked in by their bullshit! I called the manager to quit and then my team leader . I later received a message from the manager saying i shouldn’t believe everything I read online and he accidentally tipped me off about this blog as he assumed this is what I had been reading lol!! Anyway he tried to say I’d be a fool to leave as I could change my life and families lives forever! He also said how he has completed the impossible programme which he hasn’t, he is an assistant manager not an owner! It took him 18months to get to that point so how he can claim it only takes 6-10 months to get to owner I have no idea!

    I’m not a fool for leaving I’d be a fool for staying! Evening if I did complete the programme I would hate myself for selling slave labour to people! How they live with themselves I don’t know! They clearly have no morals!!!
    Anyway rant over! Just glad I figured it to be bullshit sooner rather than later!!!

  34. My niece is working at Absolute at the moment been there a good five weeks and not been paid yet, every week its the money will be in your account next week. She is working really long hours and not getting paid, she is only 18 so it’s her first real job, I am gutted for her that her first foray into the job market looks like a con!

  35. I am due to have an interview with Absolute LTD first thing this morning. I did some last minute research last night to make sure I was prepared. I found your blog and I am so glad I took time to go through and read all the comments. I have decided not to go to my initial interview today. Thank you for saving me time and effort.


    My 19 year old daughter was invited to an interview for J30 Ltd next Tuesday, but I have just read this to her. She didn’t need much convincing not to go.

    Like many others she is desperate to find work – something these sharks are relying on.

    Thank you so much for posting this.

  37. I applied for a job with this company (Absoluted LTD Chelmsford) and today I received 4 emails from them saying they want me as one of their ‘top candidates’ as well as 3 missed calls. Thinking this was a bit keen considering I had only applied the day before I found this site, and can I just say wow; thank god I didn’t go for an interview!

    Thanks for the heads up.

  38. Wow am i glad i found this, was due for an interview at absolute ltd in chelmsford tomorrow, hour long bus ride, i am not going now, already worked for a company like this when i was 16, only did 3 days, im not going on for another one like it, thanks guys and girls for the warning!!

  39. I have an interview tomorrow with j30 ltd in Chelmsford, thank god my Mum pointed this blog out to me and i certainly wont be going now. All these comission based jobs, d2d sales and tele sales are crap and a con. Thanks for the help!

  40. There are also two new companies that have opened up in Chelmsford – ‘Prompt Promotions’ (which I believe used to be Sphinx Solutions) and J30 Ltd. I used to work at one myself and, while it honestly wasn’t all that bad, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. I suffer from a lot of health issues, both physically and mentally, and it drains you beyond imagination. Do not apply if you want to maintain your sanity!

  41. Wow! And to think I almost accepted a job from Absolute Ltd last week! I knew I was right to be sceptical, I mean they claim you can become a CEO and open your own office in a location of your choice within 10 Months! Most people want a job with prospects and this is what it’s appears to offer, then on the observation day is when you find the truth out. They claim its 100% Promotion and that they’re not looking for cold callers they’re looking for people to promote when in actual fact all they’re after IS cold callers! On the observation day when I mentioned I wasn’t overly happy about working on a commission only basis and that I wanted a stable income the leader I was with then asked me if I had kids or a family to look after to which I replied no seeing as I’m only 18. He then said if I don’t have a family why do I want stability !!! Basically this is an utter con and I was nearly sucked in. If it wasn’t for my parents I’d be stuck in some dead end d2d commission only sales job!

  42. Thanks for the heads up, They are now operating under the name j30 ltd in Chelmsford , You have to dig a little to find the truth as they flood the internet with daily updates and positive news stories and links to a cheap website that offers no real substance or information. It is truly despicable that this kind of rip off merchants are allowed to operate openly. They prey on the needy and unemployed and they need to be stopped. I am a carer for a family member and like so many others wasted money on travel to and from this bogus interview. Why don’t we get together and protest outside the building – I plan to write to all the companies that out source there sales to these ripoff merchants. I would like to here from others that feel strongly on this subject.

  43. No there not trading under j30 it’s now called lightyear acquisitions, run by Marcus Hynes. He keeps all your ‘money’ that u make and also like to chat up and sleep with the female employees.

    1. They contacted me today with regards to this job. Good job im not going to the interview tomorrow as a (graduate managerial position) seems all a bit fishy to me.

  44. J30 Ltd are still at it, my 18 year old daughter went there last Thursday, had an interview and then asked back on Friday for an open day. Got there and taken to Tilbury to cold call for Blue Cross. After 4 hours she had the foresight to say its not for her and she got a train home. I have tried many times to phone the mobiles with no luck and have also emailed them. Essex Chronological wrote a piece last year on the same and I have written to the reporter to ask for more details.

    I really think this company should be reported and am thinking of going to a TV programme to try to get this stopped, its disgusting that people are treated this way.

  45. I am so happy that I have found this blog- I thought I was the only one! I am a reasonably intelligent girl, with decent GCSEs and ALevels, and reading through some of the comments, I found that some people are quite adament that it is the employees fault. IT IS NOT.

    I stayed with J30 Ltd for quite a long time given the things that were asked of me. It was quite a while now, but I think I was there for about 4-5 weeks? Most of the time I ws there, I was working from 9am to at least 10pm at night. If i managed to get away at 9pm it was a bonus and I would be over the moon to see my boyfriend for an hour or so before bed and back to work the next day.

    The things everyone else is saying is true. I attenended the first interview and within about 2 hours of me leaving the so called ‘office’ I recieved another call inviting me to attend an open day the following morning. I was so happy and boasted to my friends that I must have been such a good candidate and it was only a matter of time before i would be earning 100k a year…LOL.

    The ‘open day’ was accompanying a young man, knocking on peoples doors, being sworn at, having doors slammed in our faces etc and this was just an ‘average’ day. He told me stories of being chased down the road by disgruntled customers, having things thrown at him, and to be honest, at the time, it all sounded exciting and action packed! I was told that the clothing I was required to wear was formal attire, so I went out and brought a brand new pair of shoes, specifically so that I could walk around all day in them. Unfortunately when I went back the next day for my ‘training’ it was raining really heavily and my shoes were ruined. on top of this, they had given my blisters so catastrophic, I was rushed to the hospital to be treated for infection. Sounds like the slurs of a hypocondriac, but honestly, the blisters were roughly the size of a 2 pound coin and pussing quite worryingly.

    I phoned up J30 and explained my situation to them, and they automatically assumed I was lying, despite laying on a hospital bed during the call. I had 3 days off work before returning, I was supposed to wait for the wounds to heal fully, but they pretty much made it impossible to me, calling me at least 4 times a day and demanding that I return to work. desperate for the money, I returned.

    it was after that that I knew something wasnt quite right. The morning meetings is based in a purple painted room, blaringly loud music so you couldnt hear, and people requesting that you go over your sales pitch over and over and over and over and over again. you would practise and shout and people would dance around you like mad men. And then the boss would come in, either Thomas Junior or Marcus Hynes and talk to you for about 45 minutes about how you should be getting a minimum of 3 sign ups per day or you need to work on your pitch, pace and attitude. Doesnt matter if the area you are allocated is dangerous, the people are threatening, or they just dont have any money to give you, it all comes down to you.

    I put my trust in Thomas Junior, often ringing him up during my ’rounds’ sobbing down the phone. But he assured me that it was all my fault, and that if I changed my attitude, I would be promised a promotion within the month. I never got this.

    Remember that mini hurricane we had at the end of last year? Yeah, I was in that. Fences nearly knocked me over, and i knew it was all too much when a trampoline that had escaped from someones garden blew across the path and nearly took me out. I ran and hid in a bus shelter for the rest of the day (unable to go back home because one of the guys had driven me out to colchester to work).

    The next day I was ridiculed infront of the rest of the team because I had returned to the office with no sign ups.

    The J30 website is sickening, Thomas (the founder) is made out to be a saint, which he is far from. He confided with me that his mother had stopped talking to him because he wasnt making enough money, all i can say is ‘You absolute f**king goon. Your mother will never love you’.

    Basically, all I’m saying is that Thomas Junior and Marcus Hynes are the devils, and i hope to god this blog can reduce the amount of innocent young people being sucked in by this SCAM.

  46. Got offered an interview from Lightyear Acquisitions for Thursday, so glad I have read this as it has saved me wasting my time with a company like this. Luckily I’m currently in employment so I’m not urgently seeking a job, but was just hoping to find a fresh new career. Very nearly sucked into it but became suspicious when they were extremely vague about the job description and work involved, and also who the apparent ‘client’ was. Marcus Hynes is indeed the CEO and its hard to find any bad press on him. Also I noticed a fair amount of companies operating under the same roof (Springfield House, Chelmsford) as mentioned above. Was just doing a bit of research for said interview and so glad I came across this. Companies like this praying on people who are just trying to make an honest living should be ashamed. I also nearly had a close encounter with Absolute LTD but decided against going to the interview because they seemed a bit fishy to me. Steer clear!!!!

  47. I went for an interview with j30 ltd last week. Read this about 30 mins before my interview but went with an open mind anyway. I was shocked what I experienced. I’ve been to many an interview but this was a first. My ‘interview’ was at 3.15 and I was out at 3.22! Thomas Adrian Junior lll ‘interviewed’ me. He did not seem interested in who he was employing. He did not ask anything about me or my experience nor did he look at my cv or the two forms I had to fill In before the interview. He spouted a load of rubbish about his ‘company’ whilst drawing lots of arrows and letters on the back of my cv. He did not mention about the job role at all just what his company does. So I had no idea of hour salary etc. I tried to ask questions about the role but he spoke over me changing the subject to get back on track about what he wants to achieve. Needless to say when coming out I would not have taken the job if it was a million quid salary. Once I came home I rang my local reed branch to inform them of the company and how scamming it is. As soon as I mentioned the company the lady laughed and knew exactly what I was about to say. She said as they are a legal company they can’t stop them advertising the roles on the website. Luckily being closer to turning than 30 than I wish I’m pretty streetwise and know a scam but these kids going in at 17/18 being brainwashed is just unbelievable that the company can get away with it.

  48. Marcus Hynes is a disgusting human being. Can’t believe I was almost sucked in! Lightyear acquisitions, more like SCAMYEAR acquisitions!!!!!! Stay away from this so called ‘company’

  49. Help, I fell for all of this, gave up a job for it, and know I can’t afford not to work. After a week on the job, my gut is telling me to run for the hills. My head is telling me I can’t give it up and have no chance of earning. What a mess I am in. I don’t know what to do. 🙁

  50. Does anybody know anything about marketstormglobal ltd in Leeds? I have been offered an interview for Monday but I am nervous that it is one of these scams and I am in no position to be getting into any more debt

    1. Hi Sam,

      I understand it was a couple of months ago since your job offer, I was just wondering of you attended and interested in the outcome. I have just been sent an interview confirmation, straight away I had a gut feeling it was a little dodgy!

  51. Well I did think this job was to good. I had a Interview with lightyear today and of course got the second day one.
    What annoys me is that I have a full time job and they know that yet they tried to get me to take that job. I would of ended up having no job no money and then no house.
    They could of ruined me. Thank god I found this site.

  52. Company’s latest face is emporia red of Chelmsford, firms like this make me hate working in the recruitment sector I get calls at least 3 times a week from either commission based telesales or d2d. Google them to check out their flashy website.

  53. I find myself in a similar position with MarketStorm Global ltd. in Leeds, something didn’t feel quite right from the outset and after finding this site, It seems I was right. Thanks for saving me a shedload of hassle!

  54. .. all these negative comments about marcus seem legit but i never had a problem with him he seemed a great guy everyone there seemed like nice people it was the job that was killer ! After 8 hours on the field u want to jump in front of a car literally. I had issues with a guy called aboo i think he was a team leader .. Biggest arsehole didnt seem to have any morals ! I think everyone there was just brainwashed what doesnt make them bad people .. That is including marcus and the guy who looked like biggie smalls .. But yeah the experience was eye opening . I feel sorry for the people who are still there ! Chasing the dream lol

  55. I left Lightyear in December after 10 months (no I didn’t get to 100k per year). Perhaps I should have slept with Marcus!!! I found that during my time there everything is 2 faced. “You must work hard” and then T tells you how he was caught sleeping in his car and shopping at blue water by his “Coach”. Everything is cloak and dagger stuff AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!


  56. Another way they have of brainwashing new starters is through something called an opportunity meeting. These take place every Saturday morning and last 2-3 hours depending on how much the owner likes the sound of his own voice! They basically brainwash people to believe there is no other work out there, everyone is being made redundant in every other company in the country, commission only is great because hard workers get paid more than lazy workers, they are the only people. They also say how if you are not progressing through the business one way or another you will be only there max. 1 year because by then you will have opened your own office earning £100k + a year, quit or been asked to leave as you are making the programme look hard, even if you are the best salesperson they have ever had! The facts are Most people that do eventually get to management take 18 months to get there, no one has ever been asked to leave (even after committing fraud!). When someone quits, the people they recruited are told that the person was asked to leave as they were holding them back! Owners are in debt to the PerDM for years as they do not make enough to cover the rent on their office and are subbed by the manager who recruited/promoted them. The time scales for progression and earning potential are massively exaggerated. Be warned you will hear about a guy called Matthew Goodchild who completed the “management training programme” in 3 months, this is true he did achieve that, how ever he is almost the exception that proves the rule. He is 1 out of hundreds that got to management. There are 10’s of 1000’s in the UK that never got beyond the 2nd stage (LEADERSHIP). Another thing they don’t like to mention is the amount of people who quit the business after getting to management baring in mind they spent 18 months getting there they then quit this +£100k per role within 12 months. ALso they never mention the demotions from within as well. I was demoted from leader to entry for Not going to a conference on a SUNDAY (It was my parents wedding anniversary). That was dispite working Monday – Staurday for 5 months straight. I then had to re-hit the qualifying criteria and be “taught” what I was teaching the week before! The truth is PerDM prey on people who are desperate for work and make them believe that this will be the saving of not just them but their family too. According to them you could retire before you hit 40 and retire you mother, father and siblings too by that time. ALL BRAINWASHING LIES

  57. I worked for another business on the Chelmsford building called Lightyear Acquisitions. I can confirm that the interview process was very cloak and dagger, but what is worse is what comes out after you start. 1) They say that travel to your territory is paid for – this is taken out of everbody’s pay each week £25.00 per week per person 2)Cancellations (never confirmed or fore mentioned) deducted from pay 3)Road Trips – You have to pay for travel, accommodation, food and drink for the week (and still make enough for yourself) 4)If you are “fortunate enough” to be ordered to run a road trip – you have to pay for it all up front and claim it out of the commission of the other road trippers 2 weeks later. Get Excited! You progression is down to recruiting more people getting them good and then those people recruiting new bods and getting them good etc. etc. As a newby your hours are 11 am until 10pm after which time you are expected to “network with hih rollers” basically call up the best sellers in the country and find out why they are doing well, to which they will say Pitch Pace Attitude, which is what you are feed day in day out any way. When you move up to LEADER your hours become 09:30 am – 11:00 pm + networking. You have to prep all the merch, set out car rides, select which territories the car rides are covering then get taught on how to teach pitch pace attitude after that you teach the newbies pitch pace attitude. Then there is a meeting and you go off in your car rides to territory where you stay in all weathers until 9pm (young women will be out on their own at night as well in areas they do not know!) then you get back to the office between 9.30 and 10.00. 3rd Round interviews are conducted and then yet more training, networking then home time (11- Midnight). Then DINNER and BED. You go through all this and still may earn nothing for the day! If you don’t make any sales then its because your Pitch Pace or Attitude was bad! On my last day I was actually asked to take out a 2nd round interview. I told the candidate I was leaving, however if he seriously was interested in commission only door to door sales job, I would “interview” him properly, if not he should not waste his time here when he could be applying for something better. He left the interview at point. I then went drove the car ride to territory and I sat in the car all day as it was raining and I thought what the point being here today when I start a new job tomorrow!!!


  59. another business have appeared at this same address 29-31 springfield house chelmsford essex CM2 6JE this business is also scam and known as Emporia RED ….dont apply for his company and don’t even go to interview

  60. Marketstorm Global
    Aspect Square

    Applied through Reed and went in for the first stage interview on Wednesday and met with the new manager Michalah as Gavin Smith the founder has now opened a new office in Poland.

    Was given the same fast track progression pitch mentioned in the above posts and thought it sounded excellent, she described how each role worked and how they are looking to expand, she was also nice enough to invite me back for the second round of recruitment which involved an observation day.

    Luckily it wasn’t D2D but I did have to fill out ‘tasks’ which are just personality tests and always a clever way of making you buy into their ‘ethos’ of direct marketing vs in-direct and all the rest of their contrived BS.

    Of course everyone is fully suited up and looks slick and the whole operation was clearly well put together, the team leader described the structure in more detail.

    They also told me the inspirational story of where they saw themselves opening their own office and so on and so forth.

    After a good 8 hours of this I had to pass a written test based on the 5 steps, 8 keys and law of averages which I did, I then had to wait for a good 45 minutes for my final meeting with the manager to see if I would be one of the 2 selected to come on full time.

    Upon going through to their office there was a room with some very loud music on and alot of shouting and laughing happening which I thought unusual in an office even on a Friday night, especially when everyone is working tomorrow.

    The interview was a farce really looking back, the manager called the team leader and as far as I can tell based the decision on that or had already decided that if I had been patient enough to go through the day whilst maintaining a ‘positive attitude’ (1 of 8 BTW) that I’d been successful and would be able to be trained to do the job.

    They actually used the wording “I could train a monkey” which looking back now is incredibly insulting to say the least.

    TBH I left feeling pretty good about the whole thing as I’d grinded through the day and got myself what sounded like a pretty cushy job, of course anyone with half a mind knows the phrase if it’s too good…and luckily we have smartphones and our very helpful friend Google.

    Took all of 5 minutes to find out it was a modern day pyramid scheme and It’d been a huge waste of time as this post from 2009 pretty much described exactly what I’d experienced.

    Once I got home I mixed myself a nice drink and dived a little deeper and found this.

    The company has total assets of 62k according to that link and others like it, also LinkedIn showed it had 9-10 actual staff so that pretty much summed it up.

    Marketstorm Bullshit, they’ll be having a pleasant visit from myself on my ‘first day’, I’m sure if I follow the 8 steps to success I can come up with an adequate way to piss on their bonfire.

    I know they are screening the web to smear this kind of publicity so I’ll include Marketstorm global scam here for google for the next candidates to see the light of day.

    Thanks Sebastian for hosting this because this kind of crap has to be stopped.

  61. Further update regarding Light Year. Lightyears CEO the arrogant Marcus “God Complex” Hynes has been demoted to Leader as his office which he ran for 8 months never broke even for 1 week. He was struggling so much he could only afford to have lunch Once every 3 days. He was 2 months behind on his rent for his home which he shared with other PerDM sales reps and had to be bailed out by his “coach” the “humble” Joshua Peace before being taken to court. They have moved to a new office in town and this office is being run by Lewis Morton who ran the Norwich office. Following the loss of TalkTalk\LoveFilm\WuakiTV as clients they are now chugging (charity mugging) door to door.

    Also Joshua Peace is now in London. Nicole “Rambo” Ramsey (Prompt Promotions owner) has now quit as well. Matthew Goodchild is now in New York being retrained as he is struggling too.


  62. There have been articles written about Perdm in the guardian newspaper and the Essex chronicle. I strongly advise reading these if they have offered you an Interview let alone a “job” (I use the term job in the most liberal of fashions!!!!)

  63. Here are the url’s for the articles I have mentioned, these will give you an accurate and detailed insight into what working for a PerDM “company” is really like, between the 3 articles you will see how appallingly they treat the people who work for them and the way they are trained to lie to the public on behalf of their clients

    Please read these articles if you have any intention of joining these soulless, morally corrupt destroyer of families. They may seem like they are nice decent members of the human race but this is all part of their act, you are nothing but a number or statistic to them, when they look at you they do not see a friend or someone to invest in, they see another mug who is there to work over 100 hours per week for f**k all money and keep on selling the dream to

  64. Josh has now moved to Chicago, and is running the same scam in the United States under the name of Open Client Services. He’s already had to change the company name once, from Open Advertising. All a particularly low move in the US, where the lack of benefits leaves poor and desperate employees without access to healthcare.

    He’s been there since 2016, so it will be in to see where things go wrt US employment law. I suspect that liken with many other things over there that the penalties may be somewhat more severe than here in the UK.

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