The Day Of Reckoning – Google Web Spam Update (24th April 2012)

The 24th of April 2012 is a day that will be remembered by many search engine optimisation specialists as a day of destruction, panic and chaos. This day brought the infamous Google Web Spam update that has seen not only black hat link builders suffer, but their white-hat brothers have seen substantial drops as well.

The announcement was made on the official Google Webmaster Central blog and posted by none other than Matt Cutts – – and the fallout from this update has been widespread with forums and blogs regularly being updated with rumours, and people desperately trying to get to the bottom of this latest update.

Although the post was entitled another step to reward high-quality sites, the majority of Webmasters that are complaining, a test to their ethical approach to on and off page optimisation and screaming for answers.

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SEO Challenge: Rank Top 10 For SEO Consultant in 60 Days or Less

The Challenge

I’ve decided to set myself a new organic challenge. Ranking EMD’s has become a bit too easy and because of this I’m going to embark on this new adventure to push my optimisation and link building techniques “to the extreme” and hopefully prove that white hat link building techniques are still effective and will trump automated / low quality link profiles in a field where link purchasing is wide-spread and competition is fierce.

N.B. Of course all link building strategies are considered manipulative and by doing this it is in effect against search engine guidelines, but you’ve got to push the boat out once in a while!

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The Rise Of The Guest Post – White Hat Ethical Link Building

The Evolution of the Guest Post

Guest Posting is a strategy that has been evolving over the past few years, there are traces of guest post tutorials stretching back to late 2007 (if you can find some before then please leave a comment as it be great to see just how far guest posting has truly evolved). It is promoted by SEO evangelists worldwide and is becoming a common strategy for in-house and agency SEO’s alike.

Why Should I Give My Premium Content To Other Sites?

The effectiveness of guest posting is akin to none, not only do you attract new readers and subscribers to your blog as well as the site you’re ultimately promoting, but you are also building ethical long-term links from authoritative sites which will lead to an increase in organic visibility and as a bonus, assuming you’ve written this post and it’s been published on a site with high levels of traffic you will be receiving targeted visitors which may end up converting.

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Open Client Services / Absolute LTD Chelmsford Essex / J30 LTD / JTM Solutions / Blue Mountain / Absolute Client Services (Colchester) – Review

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog post and curated to help inform those looking for a job with JTM Solutions, J30 LTD, Absolute LTD Chelmsford, Blue Mountain Innovations amongst others, to make a informed decision before applying or accepting a job with them. and hopefully resolve an outstanding issue we have with this company. While this post does touch on SEO its main focus point is not related to online marketing. There will be a follow-up post using this post as a case-study.

JTM Solutions (also known as Blue Mountain Solutions / AC Generations / Absolute Chelmsford / J30 LTD) are a commission only door-2-door sales company based in Colchester (Culver Street East) T: 01206766982 W: now based in Chelmsford (3rd Floor, 29 Springfield House, Springfield Road) – they frequently post high paying sales jobs on major job boards including Reed, Gumtree and try to cover their negative press by posting press releases regarding their recent expansions etc.

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The Methodology Of Setting Link Building Goals

Clear your mind, I’m going to take you on a journey into the psyche of a link builder – In this post I’m going to be covering the reasoning behind setting link building goals – how to set realistic targets and to finish off I’ll be giving you my personal link building worksheet! (If you would like to download the linking worksheet I use in this post please scroll to the bottom of the page for the download link!)

Before undertaking any link building campaign you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. What am I trying to achieve by building these links?
  2. Do I have a budget for this campaign?
  3. Is this a long or short term strategy?

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