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Due to the recent change in Google guidelines – this guest post service is no longer a stand-alone strategy and may only be used in combination with an SEO package to better understand your business. I have kept this page up for reference.

Guest posting is one of the latest and greatest off-page SEO activities that you can participate in. It’s time intensive and building relationships is hard word, but the referral traffic, increase in brand awareness and the improvement in organic visibility is worth the investment, and don’t forget, when done properly, it’s 100% white-hat!

I offer two seperate packages to suit various budgets and requirements. The standard service approaches and targets sites that are related to your niche. This service is suitable for easy to medium difficulty key terms. Metrics targeted are PR 1-5 / DA 20+. My expert service offers complete control over the content generation and site targeting process. Metrics for this service are PR 2-7 / DA 20+. This service is suitable for sites that are targeting medium to difficult key terms and for those that wish to pre-approve all content and target sites before going live.

Service Details


Cost Per Post
  • PR
  • DA
  • Minimum Order
  • More Info
  • Agency Friendly
  • Word Count
  • Turnaround
  • 5 Posts
  • 10 Posts
  • 20 Posts
  • 20+ Posts
  • Suitable For


£90 or $140
  • 1-5
  • 20+
  • 5 Posts
  • Yes
  • 600+
  • 3-4 Weeks
  • 4-6 Weeks
  • 6-8 Weeks
  • Please Contact
  • Medium-High Keywords


£140 or $220
  • 2-7
  • 20+
  • 5 Posts
  • Yes
  • 600+
  • 3-6 Weeks
  • 4-8 Weeks
  • 6-10 Weeks
  • Please Contact
  • V. High Difficulty Terms

*Please note that if you would like to pre-approve content or pre-approve sites before placement, this may add additional time to your order.

Why Guest Posting?

Have you got a website, but just don’t have time to build relationships with other websites, or perhaps you’re not confident in your copywriting ability? Not to worry, that’s where I come in. Guest Posting is a strategy that takes time, patience and a substantial amount of resources. Are you in an agency environment, do you run your own business, or are you an SEO looking to give your clients that extra push in organic visibility? Then this service is for you!

The Service

  • High quality, professionally written content
  • Distributed on topical sites relative to your market
  • 100% White Hat Backlinks
  • Increase in organic visibility & brand awareness
  • Increase in referral traffic
  • Sustainable ethical link building
  • Rank Tracking

The Results

I personally use guest posting on all my affiliate projects and find it’s a fantastic way to increase visibility in SERPs as well as referral traffic. In certain instances a small order of just 5 posts can take a key term from no-where to page 1! But guest posting is just part of the puzzle, I also offer other link building services and on-page optimisation that will help you dominate your competitors!

I placed an order for 5 guest posts and my website went from position 10 to position 3 in 2 weeks. My traffic and business has increased considerably from this service and I will be ordering again.

Keep Track Of Your Progress

All guest post orders come with rank tracking. Keep an eye on your progress with the help of our live rank tracking software. Positions are updated on a daily basis. Reports are brand-free and are ready to provide directly to clients. Or if you’d prefer, I can setup a daily / weekly / monthly e-mail which sends you the latest report automatically!

Order Process

Please fill in the below contact form with as much detail as possible and I’ll get in touch within 1 working day, or contact me via Skype or e-mail. Once payment has been received you will be given a spreadsheet to fill in with your target URL’s and anchor text. Most campaigns have a 5 working day setup period which includes copywriting and initial outreach and for most campaigns, you will start to see guest posts going live after 5-7 working days.


A: All of our writers are located in the U.K and can write to a degree standard. If you are ordering for an American website please let me know so we can tailor the content to suit your lack of U’s and replace S for Z!
A: Orders between 0-20 posts are usually completed within 20-40 working days depending on the service specified. Orders between 20-40 posts are usually completed within 40-60 working days. Larger orders can be discussed. I currently have the capacity to handle orders of up to 100 posts and turnaround on an order of this size is between 60-120 days. If you need a delivery completed within a specific time frame please let me know and I’ll see what I can do to accommodate your order.
A: I can cater to these orders, however the charges will be higher than the ones listed above. Turnaround time will also be higher due to the increased level of difficult of placing these posts. Please feel free to drop me an e-mail below with your requirements and we can discuss a comprehensive solution for your site!
A: Some niches may be subject to additional fees which will be discussed in advance. This is due to the low number of sites accepting guest posts without a review fee. While I try to steer clear of these sites, depending on your requirements it may be necessary to utilise these platforms.
A: As a general rule no. However certain niches will require the exploration of payment for review. Please note that this should not be confused as payment for placement / paying for a guest post.
A: Discounts are available for purchases of 20+ posts and a whitelabel service for agencies and resellers is also available. Please fill in the order form or contact me via Skype to discuss your requirements in detail.
A: Payment can be made via Paypal, SWIFT or BACS.


Order Form

Please fill in the below form. If you’d like to make payment in USD or have a question before placing an order please use the form below to leave a message. Or if you would like to discuss a custom package please visit my contact page. Please note that I no longer cater to “guest post only” orders.

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