Reputation Management & Brand Protection

Are you looking for a service that helps you maintain a positive online image? My reputation management and brand protection service offers a proactive solution that helps contain and remove negative brand image online whilst actively monitoring major search engines for any mention of your brand or business. This means you can catch any negative press before it becomes a PR disaster.

Who is this service for?

Have you recently been subject to a negative PR campaign, or are you concerned about yout current brand visibility online? Then this service is for you.

What will you do for me?

  • Actively monitor all major search engines for mentions of your brand or business
  • Release positive press into the blogosphere to generate positive sentiment around your business
  • Register your brand with all the major profile sites in the US & UK (Facebook / Twitter / Google+) to ensure your brand does not become subject to brand hi-jacking
  • Track the top pages of SERPs to ensure there is no negative press surrounding your brand
  • Monitor social review sites and alert you of negative reviews and how best to deal with them

Why do I need this service?

Negative press especially in SERPs can significantly impact your turnover and negatively influence potential purchases of your product.

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