Google Releases “Help for Hacked Sites” to Combat Compromised Websites

In an attempt to reduce the number of hacked or compromised sites, Google has released an online tutorial series dubbed “Webmasters help for hacked sites”.

There are 8 different steps in the recovery process, each of which is targeted towards a different level of user. If you are unfamiliar with any of the steps outlined in the guide, then Google recommends contacting your hosting provider or support team to let them handle the issue.


Even the most tech savvy webmasters occasionally fall prey to vulnerabilities in popular scripts. This is particularly true of CMS platforms like WordPress or Joomla, with one of more memorable issues in recent history being the heavily exploited vulnerability within TimThumb.

If you’ve recently seen instances within Google’s SERPS of any of the following messages for your website:

  • This site may be compromised
  • This site may harm your computer
  • Reported attack page!
  • Phishing (web forgery) suspected
  • Notice of suspected hacking

Then your website may be compromised.


Head on over to to learn more about the removal process or start by watching the video below.