Keeping in the theme of SEO and affiliate related posts – I’ve got an interesting one for everyone today. While updating my usual feeds I stumbled upon a rather interestingly titled blog post regarding StateofSearch and A4U. In my younger days I was an active affiliate marketer in the adult and mainstream field and A4U was always something that appealed. I’ve recently had some time to start a few new projects and affiliate marketing and CPA are back at the forefront of my out of work activities.

In this post I’m going to take a slightly different approach to my fellow SEO’s and after you read my spiel about How to make the most of a4uexpo London as a Delegate I’m going to treat you to an entertaining video about sausages!

A4U – At A Glance

To make the most of A4U, make sure you plan your day. There will be a number of people and stalls you will want to visit and time will get away from you but make sure you budget your time well. (Also bring beer money) the get togethers after these conferences are where the real business takes place – just make sure you don’t drink too much and give away your company secrets 😛 There’s always one!

I’m not an affiliate marketer – is A4U for me?

Of course, if you do online marketing of any kind you should be attending conferences, it’s a great place to network and pick up new tricks and tips that you can apply to your own business. You may even find a few marketers willing to promote your business.

Bring a notepad or laptop

It may seem silly, but information and tidbits will be flying at you constantly. Write anything that may seem important down I can guarantee you wont remember everything, especially with the evening drinks.

Ok I’m ready to go! Where’s my video.

*Watching advice* – Turn the volume up and make sure you’re watching this video in the office… it’ll turn a few heads – Weißwuascht….. once again Weißwuascht. Enjoy!