Does Guest Blogging Really Work? – A Live Case Study

Now that Guest Blogging has become an SEO’s weapon of choice, there has been a substantial increase in the level of outreach that is currently being undertaken on a day to day basis (and subsequently a decrease in the quality of outreach and content) but the question at hand today is, does guest blogging really work and if done corrently how effective is it?

The Challenge & The Benchmark

Starting from the 7th of January 2012 I will attempt to write 30 guest posts over the course of 60-90 days (although 20 will probably be my limit) and have them all published by the 7th of April. All content will be unique and anchor texts will be diversified. I will be completely transparent with regards to all the posts and they will be available to read below.

The target key terms and current benchmark as of the 6th of January (Google UK) are as follows:

SEO Consultant – 37th
Freelance SEO Consultant – 2nd
Freelance SEO – 13th
Guest Post Service – 3rd
SEO Consultancy – 22nd

Update: 21st January 2013

Based on the three guest posts that have gone live so far, there has been a significant uplift in organic visibility which can be seen in the “current live results” section below. I’ll be pushing this particularly hard this week. At this rate of growth and with the possible update last week, I believe it will be possible to hit page 1 for all the aforementioned key terms.

Update: 3rd April 2013

Progress is still being made across all key terms.

Current Live / Queued Posts

  1. 5 SEO Tips for Insurance Portals – – Anchor: SEO Consultant /w G+ Attribution
  2. 5 WordPress Plugins To Optimise, Secure & Promote Your Site – – Anchor: SEO Consultant for SC Digital LTD /w G+ Attribution
  3. 7 Hilarious Epic Fails on Twitter – – Anchor: Online Reputation Management & Protection /w G+ Attribution
  4. The Evolution of Link Building – – Anchor: SC Digital LTD /w G+ Attribution
  5. An Introduction to Online Reputation Management – – SC Digital LTD /w G+ Attribution
  6. Online Marketing Isn’t Just About SEO – – SC Digital LTD /w G+ Attribution
  7. Top 10 SEO Folks to Follow on Twitter – – SC Digital /w G+ Attribution
  8. Running WordPress – Increase Your Revenue in Just 15 Minutes – – SEO Consultant Sebastian Cowie /w G+ Attribution
  9. 7 SEO Tools I Can’t Live Without – TBC
  10. 15 Tips & Tricks For Your E-Commerce Website – – SEO Consultant at SC Digital LTD /w G+ Attribution
  11. 5 Free Image Sites To Keep Your Site Legal! – – Sebastian Cowie /w G+ Attribution
  12. 7 Link Building Tips for Affiliates – – Sebastian Cowie /w G+ Attribution
  13. 5 Major SEO Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Organic Visibility – – SC Digital LTD
  14. 5 Fundamental Link Building Mistakes in 2013 – – /w G+ Attribution
  15. 6 SEO Tools I Can’t Live Without – – SC Digital LTD /w G+ Attribution
  16. Is Creating Engaging Content The Future of SEO? – – Sebastian Cowie /w G+ Attribution
  17. The Biggest Challenges Facing The SEO Industry Today – – Sebastian Cowie
  18. TBC
  19. TBC
  20. TBC

Current Live Results


Current live results provided by SerpBook (Affiliate Link)