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The Evolution of the Guest Post

Guest Posting is a strategy that has been evolving over the past few years, there are traces of guest post tutorials stretching back to late 2007 (if you can find some before then please leave a comment as it be great to see just how far guest posting has truly evolved). It is promoted by SEO evangelists worldwide and is becoming a common strategy for in-house and agency SEO’s alike.

Why Should I Give My Premium Content To Other Sites?

The effectiveness of guest posting is akin to none, not only do you attract new readers and subscribers to your blog as well as the site you’re ultimately promoting, but you are also building ethical long-term links from authoritative sites which will lead to an increase in organic visibility and as a bonus, assuming you’ve written this post and it’s been published on a site with high levels of traffic you will be receiving targeted visitors which may end up converting.

There are a number of excellent posts out there that describe the guest post process in great detail. I’d suggest reading the existing posts on SEOMoz and working your way out from there.

Guest Post Example – Successful Implementation

I’ve recently started guest posting on other sites for my own blog and have seen the effect of these back links almost instantly. If you read my post entitled “Link Building For Amateurs – Three Strategies That Will Increase Your Organic Visibility” over on the W3blog ( you can see that within the author bio I’ve embedded two backlinks, one of which points to the agency that I work for and the other to myself. The entire process took approximately one hour – Scouting, contact, writing and having the post go live. Outsourcing the writing element of this would save time.

I decided to a target a term that didn’t necessarily have a high level of competition, but would still prove to be difficult to rank for. This one post shifted me from out of the top 1000, to page 3 for the term SEO consultation. I never tried to rank for this term before and even though I’ve seen the benefits of guest posting before, this particular example shocked even me.

Guest Posting Is Time Intensive

Creating a guest post can be a timely endeavour and for agencies and freelance SEO’s scalability and automation is critical to any new process that is to be adapted for to benefit your clients; which is why a lot of agencies are unwilling or simply don’t have the resources to invest in such a strategy.

Scouting and delivering premium content for guest posting is no easy task; however there are a number of resources out there that can help you find potential blogs to post to.

Ann Smarty (@seosmarty) has created a successful and thriving forum for guest bloggers called “My Blog Guest” it features a number of high-quality blogs that are actively seeking new content for their websites and helps take the stress away from manually scouting for blogs.

Why Guest Posting Will Outlive Other Dated Link Building Techniques

Google’s recent onslaught against automated link building processes, affiliate sites and low quality website has taken form in the shape of a number of algorithm updates, including the notorious series of Panda updates as well as a recent change to the way that they evaluate links. I’m not entirely certain what it is exactly that has changed when they mention link evaluation, but a lot of people believe the exact match anchor text, and age are no longer as big of a factor as they once were.

The reason I believe guest posting will outlive other link building strategies is simple, it goes against all previous notions of what link building is. It adheres to the theory that quality is indeed more important than quantity, as it is nigh on impossible to automate the guest posting process. Ahe process involves manual review that ensures that you deliver high-quality content which engages foreign user bases and provides them with information the website owner would deem relevant to the topics that they cover.

Strategies like directory submissions, article marketing and other dated link building techniques are usually automated and it’s because of this, that the strength that these techniques once had are now devalued. That’s not to say it doesn’t work and in certain cases article marketing and directory submissions would be beneficial to the client on a very low level basis, but mass directory submissions and article syndication to thousands of free for all websites just don’t pack the punch they once did.


Guest Posting has become an essential strategy for many SEO’s and the service currently commands a high price (usually in the region of £60-100 per successful post) but the quality and longevity of the strategy as a whole means it’ll be one of the best link building strategies for the foreseeable future.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my latest blog post and if you have any questions or queries please leave in the comments box below I look forward to hearing from you.

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