The Challenge

I’ve decided to set myself a new organic challenge. Ranking EMD’s has become a bit too easy and because of this I’m going to embark on this new adventure to push my optimisation and link building techniques “to the extreme” and hopefully prove that white hat link building techniques are still effective and will trump automated / low quality link profiles in a field where link purchasing is wide-spread and competition is fierce.

N.B. Of course all link building strategies are considered manipulative and by doing this it is in effect against search engine guidelines, but you’ve got to push the boat out once in a while!

The Challenge:


  1. To achieve a top 10 position in Google UK for the term SEO Consultant within 60 days.
  2. Start Date: 21st March 2012 6pm GMT.



  1. No Black / Grey hat techniques.
  2. All link building activities will be documented and visual at the end of this task.

Current results for “SEO Consultant” in Google UK.

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Competitor Backlink Analysis

After undertaking some substantial competitor research to see what I’m up against there are a number of highly unnatural link profiles in the top 10. 2 of the top 10 had a 100% dofollow backlink profile. 1 had a only 6 variations of anchor text. Link buying is prevalent and there was a quite humorous failed automated blog commenting strategy whereby the opening bracket was [ instead of { resulting in 42 backlinks where the anchor text is “[||name|click here}”.

Competition is fierce and I do have some concerns that I may have set the bar a little bit too high but the saying “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”.

If you’d like to leave me a comment or stalk me on twitter I’d be happy to answer and questions :)

Update: 9th May 2012

Truth be told, I haven’t pushed this as much as I would like. Total links generated so far – 12.
Current Organic Result For “SEO Consultant” in Google UK: ~230

I’ll be pushing this particularly hard over the next week to see if I can scrape a win.

Update: 17th May 2012

Only a few days to go. Honestly don’t think I’m going to make it but there has been some substantial progress.

Current Organic Result For “SEO Consultant” in Google UK: 97

The Final Result: 21st May 2012

Unfortunately I didn’t reach my goal, but have learnt a lot in the process. The last check I performed placed me at 63 for “SEO Consultant”. Not a complete failure but by no means a success. I will keep pushing and hopefully this time next month I’ll have something a bit better to report on!

Update: 24th May 2012

Although the official challenge has stopped and I had not reached my goal I am still making headway with the term “SEO Consultant” it had peaked at 26 but is currently sitting at approximately 35-38. I’d be happy to see a result within 90 days and I will still be actively aiming to achieve this position. Slow and steady wins the race :)